Leadership is the relentless pursuit of the positive and best within ourselves, and even more so, in others. When service and passion become one, influence and insight ignite, and breakthrough performance and goodness result. A life of occasional risks, wins, losses and reflections have taught me serving rather than asking, and listening rather than speaking shall captain my journey; with prudence, integrity, and loyalty fueling the adventure.

My passion is influencing people, and subsequently organizations, via observation, introspection, innovative connection & alliances, and coaching toward unified values, missions, and strategies often departing a default path and usually creating something exciting, and previously unknown. Connecting with eclectic people, places and cultures offers fulfillment far beyond the established and comfortable.

By gradually acquiring trust and expanding competence we provide specialized consultation to clients, preferably as partners rather than vendors. Integrity sustains, and over time reinforces such unions. Our role provides clear strategic management & technical guidance. When we know an organization better than ourselves for a particular outcome, we identify and recommend the superior solution.

Effectively turning knowledge into action is our goal. Prioritize each day by grappling the biggest issue, seeking the opportunities particularly within conflict and failure. Realistically plan with clients, and identify the risks. Endeavor leaving any place or situation better than when found. We play the way we practice. Let’s work hard, play hard, have fun and laugh every day.

Live in the glory of the day, balancing family, work, and other commitments. When we know the one or two most important things about each other, we can help each other when events shift us off balance. Let's communicate honestly and share who we really are with each other. Use energy wisely; aligning it daily with purpose and strategy, paying more attention to the situation than the clock. When exhausted, recharge yourself.

Belief in you shall be our shared expectation. At the end of each day, key questions include "Did I do my best? -- At work, at home, and at life." This requires self-honesty. Since we frequently imagine, design, and create environments of people, systems & technology that are generally challenging or presumed impossible, a balance of candor and confidence is necessary. If we believe a path will fail, we will say so and why. Crucial conversations may spark newer, more promising payoffs.

Accountability matters: Choosing to lie, steal, or act unethically is choosing to leave. My nature is frequently judgmental, and a lifetime challenge. Please minimize false urgency, tardiness, sloppiness and gossip. You should also know I'm a hopeless optimist, and may need your help to let me know when something just won't work out. 

I need your feedback, especially when I don't think so, for my continued growth. Sustained coaching will foster our individual and organizational success, gaining strength along the way.

Service     Prudence     Integrity     Loyalty

The studies prove that our traditional leadership model has reached the end of its effectiveness. Workers across the country have grown widely disengaged and disheartened, and American productivity is being greatly undermined as a result.
— Mark Crowley | Lead From the Heart

Be Choinque