2017 begins with contrasting recommendations for achieving success. Paul Tough's well-researched findings of How Children Succeed holds several surprises and likewise Hugh Hewitt reflects deeply how Washington DC may succeed in a return to first principles called The Fourth Way. Emma Seppälä takes us on a deep dive to the core of personal and professional happiness in The Happiness Track, and Danielle Harlan offers an entire leadership course in her next-generation The New Alpha. Misti Burmeister, with great enthusiasm, challenges us to provoke the greatness in others, and Michelle Gibbings details a systematic approach for transitioning, or stepping up, from technical master ultimately  becoming a leader of lasting influence.

If you have fallen into the trap of being Superwoman (or Superman) and struggled, Tiffany Dufu's drop the ball is your way out. It was a delight meeting Naomi Simson in Australia, and she shares her personal success story in Live What You Love. Mary Shores, via her own journey, offers a powerful reminder that our words and thoughts shape our lives.