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For sustained performance, the most effective leadership development initiatives are custom in-house programs, using the Academy Leadership Lead2Succeed™ process. A powerful self-assessment (Energize2Lead™) and creation of a Personal Leadership Philosophy together forge an excellent foundation.

Monthly workshops combined with selected readings, individual or team coaching, and written Action Plans allow transfer of knowledge into action, key to cultural and performance changes. In addition, individual and corporate survey tools provide necessary feedback and tracking throughout the engagement.

Leadership Workshops



Goal Setting

Leader's Compass



Conflict Management

Time Management

Productive Meetings


Decision Making

Energy Management*

Core Values Alignment


Leading Change

High-Performance Teams

Building Trust

Developing People

Advanced Communication, or Crucial Conversations

After Action Reviews*

* New workshop

Please include anticipated location, launch date, and cadence; for example: "Help! We have a non-functioning team of twelve that requires quarterly sessions addressing conflict management, setting priorities & overall motivation issues - Now!  A 360 review of the team leader and executive coaching would also be a plus!"

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Participants practice an After Action Review (AAR) near the end of their AAR Workshop using recent events for practical application -> 18 Apr 2017

        Corporate E2L Workshop                 September 2013

        Corporate E2L Workshop
                September 2013