choinque | pronounced "choynk" | An item, place, or person possessing a positive, exceptional quality. An item of undefinable, indescribable goodness. An expression of great enthusiasm, often used in the face of the aforementioned item.

Have you ever ended the day, fully fatigued, yet fulfilled because you did your very best? What if we did that every day? Think of Aristotle’s term eudaimonia. That's what choinque is all about. Choinque is positive energy and goodness, your definition of you at your best. Choinque is who and what we all wish to be.

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Jim Emerick is the founder and president of profit-with-purpose Choinque LLC, an international network of organizations in relentless pursuit of the good and best within themselves, and even more so, in others. His entrepreneurial spirit has led pioneering teams within start-up firms, government organizations, and numerous size corporations. He is an Academy Leadership Master Facilitator and international guest speaker. Jim frequently works with Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters in Colorado Springs, Lima, London, Santiago, Sydney, and Tampa.

Jim Emerick, exponiendo en un salón repleto [speaking to a "full house"]. Congreso PMI 2014, Lima, Peru.

Jim Emerick, exponiendo en un salón repleto [speaking to a "full house"]. Congreso PMI 2014, Lima, Peru.

I realized pretty quickly that I hadn’t really left academics so much as moved to a new kind of lab for studying how people learn and make decisions.
— Annie Duke | Thinking in Bets

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