2015 offerings start with John Kotter's classic Leading Change, since so many of us wish to truly foster lasting organizational transformation, and pairs well alongside The Knowing-Doing Gap. David Brooks' masterpiece The Road to Character reflects deeply about what type of people we may become. Tony Hseih's magnificent personal journey and story of Zappos inspires thoughts about next-generation companies, and Whale Done! goes deep inside the positive, purpose-driven SeaWorld.  Quiet and The Gift of Wisdom are fine reads when thinking about the differences between people and what we learn as we get older. Fred Kiel's Return on Character demonstrates that the character of a leader, and a leader's executive team character improves financial performance, significantly. Performing Under Pressure shatters myths about supposedly magical performance when under great stress. General McChrystal's Team of Teams reminds us humility allows us to face hard facts about required organizational change. Scrum is full of great stories about how to vastly increase our productivity in teams, and Smart Tribes offers a blueprint for an overall higher organizational consciousness. In New Rules of the Game, Susan Packard shares her motivating personal and corporate story, and a lifetime of advice, primarily for women, with lessons for men as well.