2016 continues with 2015's emphasis on organizational change, inspired by choinque clients. Christine Comaford offers penetrating neuroscience-based behavioral insights, and compelling positive outcomes in Smart Tribes. The Google Ventures team, led by Jake Knapp, build on Scrum techniques with Sprint. Both immensely practical and personalized, Carson Tate offers the ultimate productivity guide with Work Simply. Amy Morin reminds us of good habits we as leaders should nourish, especially if our confidence needs a boost. Adam Grant offers a penetrating look at originalists, offering inspiration to all leaders. Dr. Sydney Finkelstein also examines how myriad industries have been transformed by amazing Superbosses, and advises us we should borrow generously from their playbooks. In Peak, Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool take us beyond Outliers unlocking the secrets of breakthrough performance.

Aaron Hurst persuasively presents us an energizing view of the future, as we enter the Purpose Economy. We may consider Rich Karlgaard's The Soft Edge deep research leading us forward, and likewise Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz share the new paradigm of full engagement. Two fantastic and personal stories of leadership growth are offered by Ron Fournier and Michael Abrashoff, one as father and one as commander, in Love That Boy and It's Your Ship, respectively. Dr. Sarah Boston and Amy Purdy, perhaps unintentionally, share their leadership philosophies with us as overcome cancer and a dual amputation, respectively in Lucky Dog and On My Own Two Feet.

Mark Crowley goes deep into our hearts and lets us know why we need to lead from there. Dr. Mindy Hall likewise advises us to clarify how to lead in such a way, or with intention. Dr. Bernard Beitman takes us to the psychosphere, where hearts and minds connect. Carmine Gallo and Ty Bennett remind us of the power of storytelling, while Barry Strauss takes us back to antiquity, showcasing three of the greatest battles leaders ever, with lessons for all of us today in Masters of Command. Jeff Boss, a former Navy SEAL reveals through his amazing stories how we may master uncertainty as leaders. Jill Dyché shares the future of IT in The New IT and Kim McDonald invites us to become Flat World Navigators, leading the 21st century. Durrell Hillis pens his homage to the technical wizards of the Iridium System, revealing his own powerful leadership along the way.