Angels of the Amazon

choinque is actively working with Dr. Paul and Dolly Beaver to bring an Academy Leadership Excellence Course to the the remote Tahuayo River in 2017, and donate all profits to Angels of the Amazon, focused on new classroom and school construction.

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the Angels of the Amazon (AoA) foundation is to provide aid to the 8,000 indigenous people living in the 12 communities in the Tahuayo River basin.  The Tahuayo River is a modest tributary of the upper Amazon River, about 100 miles SSW of Iquitos, Peru. This is a very remote part of the world.  Iquitos City is the world’s largest city which is not connected to any other city by road, being surrounded by impenetrable Amazon jungle. 

The outlying jungle communities, such as those of the Tahuayo River are even more remote from the such benefits of civilization as health care, education and economic opportunity. Most people in these communities live a poor subsistence lifestyle. The sustainable aid and programs provided by the AoA foundation can be categorized into three major spheres which represent the basic needs of the indigenous people: medical and health care, educational assistance, and economic programs.

Executive Director, Dolly Arevalo Beaver, founded the Angels of the Amazon foundation in 2007. Dolly was born in the Peruvian Amazon in 1971 into very modest circumstances. After getting her degree in Business Administration and Tourism at the Dwight David Eisenhower Academy of Iquitos, she worked for several years and then in 1994 married tropical biologist Dr. Paul Beaver, who founded an ecotourism company in Iquitos, Amazonia Expeditions, in 1981. It is one of the most respected Amazon tour companies in Peru. For the past several years it has maintained a #1 ranking in Amazon ecotourism by several rating agencies, such as the rating service offered by National Geographic. 

The Angels of the Amazon’s viable programs are done with the financial support of Amazonian Expeditions. The company funds all aspects of the infrastructure, overhead and administration of AoA, in both the US and Peruvian offices.  With this assistance, 100% of all donations made to AoA go directly to fund programs which address the needs of the indigenous people. These programs include medical and health care, educational assistance and economic and environmental programs.