All In | Book Review

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

All In, by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, is a highly organized book tightly aligned with much of our Academy Leadership Boot Camp module teachable points of view. The first part of the book, Culture Works, is a worthy scan in advance of the first day of an Academy Leadership program – a companion to our Commander’s Intent. Part I focuses on creating energy and the need for a Personal (Organizational) Leadership Philosophy – and amplifies the message of our Program Introduction slides just before our Energize2Lead module.

Applications to Academy Leadership

The heart of All In, Part II is the Seven Step Road map, in summary form:

This section of the book is ideal for a manager, perhaps a PMP Professional, searching for a leadership application template.

Additional Ideas for Leaders

Part III includes fifty-two ways (pp. 189 – 208) to sustain excellence, a good reference for all of us. All In is a book we should introduce to PMPs and managers, and include in our leadership library for reference.

JE | November 2012