Air Academy High School

choinque is a proud sponsor and advocate of the Air Academy High School Band. This is a very talented group of highly energized young adults who are filled with passion and goodness. choinque donated $23,000 in support of this January's Rose Parade.

The Air Academy High School Band was one of just 22 bands from across the United States plus Canada, Australia, Panama and Japan invited to the Jan 1, 2018 Tournament of Rose's Parade. The band's expenses are primarily transportation and lodging in the Los Angeles area. Funds donated to the entire band are 100% tax deductible and advertising will be provided through the band's website/social media and band newsletter. The entire cost of the trip for 200 students is budgeted at $412,000 and funded by students' families. Our goal is to get as many financially disadvantaged students (estimated at 10 to 20 percent of the students) to be able to fund their individual $2500 commitment. Last year's band fees were $800 per student. Corporate/business donations are requested to maximize participation in this once-in-a-lifetime event for these high school band members.

Here is the website for corporate/business donations:
Please consider joining our passionate team!