Chaos Advantage

Chaos Advantage is a synergistic choinque business partner focused on Team v. Group training, Decision-Making and Top-Level Alignment for clients wishing to navigate a chaotic environment by leveraging organizational curiosity.

Chaos Advantage was founded by two individuals who know that team performance drives business performance. Both have experienced the pinnacles of success on different battle grounds.

Jeff Boss, MS, ACC, spent 13 years in special operations as a Navy SEAL earning two Purple Hearts and four Bronze Stars with Valor, among other accolades. Following being a member of the SEAL Teams, Jeff added several years of management consulting and  executive leadership coaching to his resume.

Spencer Marona is a proven sales leader who has lead and managed teams among some of the largest sales organizations in the world, generating sales in excess of $1 billion during his time. Prior to entering the corporate world, Spencer competed and coached on the collegiate gridiron and participated in five bowl games including a Rose Bowl Championship for the University of Washington.